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Miike's First English Movie
whitesummerside wrote in takashi_miike

Takashi Miike's upcoming project, 'Sukiyaki Western: Django', is a take on the Corbucci classic Spaghetti Western from 1966, 'Django'.

Seems as though, as could possibly be expected, it's probably going to have heavy Yakuza leanings as it's about warring gangs, but it looks as though this will be Miike's first English Language film, and fittingly for a nice bit of pulp cinema it features a small cameo by Quentin Tarantino, in a small role as 'Ringo'.

Shooting is currently underway.

More info here, here and here. Pre-Production sketches here.

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Oh my god... Miike doing a western... I just... I think my soul just exploded. That's... that's fantastic. XD

didn't you guys count "imprint" as his english language stuff? O_O

I think most people see Imprint as a made for TV thing, even though it didn't really make it there, whereas this is a theatrical feature.

wait a minute, it's his first english language film but it's with Japanese actors? wouldn't Imprint then count as his first english language film?

im looking forward to this regardless...but strange that he's remaking Django, that's kind of something i'd never imagine would get remade, at least by someone liek Miike.

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