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Audition question
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ryosato wrote in takashi_miike
This is my first post here, but I should have joined long ago! I'm a huge Miike fan! Anyway, I'm looking for screenshots or comprehensive character designs or SOMETHING of the girl's final outfit in Audition. I looked everywhere online, but I need something where I can get an idea of what the full outfit looks like and how it comes together and all. I don't have a DVD of it handy. x.x; If anyone has good images of it or can take screencaps of some scene where you can see her full body, that'd be awesome!

Also, I don't remember, but can you really tell what kind of fabric her outfit is made from? Are the gloves and apron thing leather or something else? And is that packing tape she has wrapped around to hold it on??

Any help is really appreciated, as I'm trying to put a costume together. ^_^ Thanks!!!

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Sounds like you're getting a costume together. :) I considered doing that myself at one point, so although these are the best screencaps I could find, I did study the costume.
-white, collared, short-sleeve, cotton blouse
-long (knee-length) pleated, white, cotton skirt
-black vinyl apron, rope straps
-black vinyl butcher-style gloves (opera-length)
-black ankle boots
-don't forget the watch on the right wrist, outside of the gloves ^_^v

Yes, it does seem to be paper packing tape around her waist and with thinner strips on the upper arms to keep the gloves on.

Ahhh vinyl! Ah okay yeah that'd work well. The shoes will be the hardest part to find. Do you think that's packing tape around her waist and arms or what??

An example of how not to do it, IMO.

Yeah... well, it's good to have a reference of how other people did it. XP; But I'm totally white chick so I'll get a black wig and put on a little makeup and all, and do it right. ^_^ One thing though... why do you think the character has what looks like packing tape on? Is it because the outfit is something she made (the gloves and apron) and they're too big? Or is it just Miike's fashion sense? XD

I never imagine that someone actually cosplay as her.
From which country is she. Sadly, few people know about this film here

oh man, that still fucking creeps me out.

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