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R1 MPD Psycho collection.
adgy wrote in takashi_miike

A 4 disc set, collecting the three previously released volumes of the series. Due out October 10th. Amazon listing.

Also: Imprint comes out a week from today. And the rest of these are already out.

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damnit, netflix hasn't even acknowledged the existence of "imprint" yet. usually they have listings for upcoming films at least a month beforehand, but not so for this one. i'll probably just end up buying it, since it's so cheap anyway, and since it's miike. and because it feels like i've been waiting for-fucking-ever to see it. besides, the only miike films not worth 10 bucks for me would be "andromedia" or "izo." i'm almost positive this will be worth that, and more.

whoops, didn't mean to reply to fecalgoreattack's comment... heh.

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